Thick and Thin

Kimmy Olsen brought a leather outfit with her that was pretty hardcore. She wanted a big cock in her ass. She strutted her sweet thick body around the house and giggled her ass. She played with herself to get more into the mood. Mick showed up with his dick to give Kimmy what she wanted. She crammed it into her throat before she asked him to lick her ass. He spread her cheek as wide as possible and dove right in. He got her ass hole all moistened up with saliva and slid right in nice and easy. She was loving his cock deep inside her ass. She took it like it was an easy Sunday morning. Soon after she came, he stiffened up and splattered her chin, the jizz dripped all over her chest.

Thick and Thin starring Kimmy Olsen

Take This Ass

Kimmy Olsen is ready for an extreme ass workout, and Erik has the toys, the oil, and the massive hard cock to give it to her. She’s horny as hell and ready for anything, so watch this blonde babe get the asspounding of a lifetime.

Take This Ass starring Kimmy Olsen

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